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Life Emulator - A life server TRULY unlike any other (RPG, Life, Businesses, Economy, Everything Custom Coded)

United States
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Last Update: 12/18/2016



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Life Emulator is the emulator of life in the form of Minecraft! The idea of this server is to

get as close as to real life as possible, but unlike real life we want to make every momentfun! This server is custom coded, no public plugins are used other then essentials. Theserver is geared to let you choose your own path, and make a profit from doing so. The goal is simple, make life fun, in Minecraft. And if you keep reading, you will see that we have done just that.

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1. Everything is custom coded. Anything in this list cannot be found publicly.

2. RPG, a custom RPG system to allow you to master a valuable trade.

3. Professions, several professions are available, these are like roles in the server.

4. Fire fighting, fires are dangerous they are totally reworked and are a threat.

5. Law Enforcement, a custom police system where cops protect the people.

6. Crime, criminals can be caught by police for money. Being a criminal can be valuable.

7. Properties, you can buy a property and manage it all with one command.

8. Very little commands, you can view almost everything from one command.

9. Skills, smithing, enchanting, breeding, cooking and about 10 more.

10. Custom PVP, drop items during combat, go unconscious and more.

11. Jobs, get a job to make some cash! These are mini games!

12. Lockpicking, all chests can be protected, but they are never invulnerable.

13. Custom shops, a VERY easy to use and never before seen custom shop system.

14. The world is not destructible, you can only build in properties bought from the city.

15. Prison, you can go to prison. So you better be careful criminals!

16. Open world PVP, everyone can attack offenders freely. So stay by others.

17. Police tracking, police officers can track and capture offenders for a bounty!

18. Custom bank management.

19. House alarms for robberies and etc!

20. Custom shop system never seen before.

21. Seasons, the world changes every week, not just visibly.

22. Vehicles, never before seen, in depth with the option of simplicity.

23. Delinquency Skill, being a delinquent becomes easier over time.

24. Mechanic skill, used to install parts and remove old parts.

25. Mob slayer, killing high end mobs takes a skill.


These are all of the current features, below is a list of features being developed and things that are going to be added before the server goes public.



1. Player made neighborhoods and towns.

2. Player business, give players nice tools to make a business.

3. A computer based programming skill for business use and more.

4. Quest System, a way to level up faster and a way to get unique items.


This is all of the upcoming features we are currently working on. To see more

about upcoming features take a look at the trello link at the top of the forum page!

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