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Aztec Empire

United States
Game Types:

Aztec Empire An ancient civilization will rise! 
Like the adrenalin you get a 5,000 mobs are chasing you? Can't find enough realism challenges on other servers? Is the common ninja map/parkour map on other servers too easy and boring? Have you ever wanted to play on a server with a complex campaign with sigle player or up to 8 players in co-op? If you answered yes to any of these questions than this is the server for you. 

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Althogh the campaign is not up yet, you can still play minigames or survive in freebuild. A lot of shops have been set up and the economy has been updated. There are several npcs throughout the spawn that will talk to you. you may find hints about the campaign there. 

This server is now officialy an RPG server, 
I am developing a campaign with a complex 30 chapter storyline. Each chapter (mission) will take upwrds of 30 min to an hour, not including the prologe and epilogue. 
If you want to help with the storyline contact me on skype or discord, My username is Icefang23, should come up as Connor | Icefang23. Please let me know who you are so I do not regard you as a soliciting bot (yes, I actually get those sometimes). 

Minigames avalable as of now: 
Sacraficial pit (spleef) 
Conquest (ffa) 
Fall Of Empire (ultamate ninja) 
The Shrine (Monster apocalypse survival challenge) 
Aztec Warfare (ctf) 

This server also contains My 1:1 scale Tenochtitlan Mega-build 

WARNING: some people may wet there pants and or experience nightmares. 

Twitch stream this server occasionally, make sure to follow if you would like to see how I build on my server: 


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