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Club Survival

United States
Game Types:

Welcome to Club Survival and YOU'RE invited! This server provides that survival experience with the ability to protect your builds from grief! We want to keep this server as straight forward and as simple as possible. This community is welcoming and friendly to all except hackers, cheaters, dupers and people trying to sell other services for money.

The following are rules that are non-negotiable at anytime:

1) You must listen to and follow any instruction given to you by the Owner or any staff member.

2) Do not ask for OP, you will not get it.

3) Do not ask for creative, you will not get it.

4) Do not ask if you can be part of the staff team, you will not get it. (Potential players for staff positions will be approached by the Owner or other higher staff based on their participation in the game and trustworthiness.)

5) No floating trees. Let's try to keep the server as clean and presentable as possible.

6) It is at the Owner's discretion as to whether you receive items to assist in your survival experience.

7) Hackers/Spammers/Dupers/Cheaters/Alt Accounts/Modded non-Minecraft client users will be removed from the server without a warning immediately. This is a forever ban!

8) If a player or staff member is abusive or cheating in any way, you are to report it to the Owner of this server.

9) Harassment. disrespect, excessive swearing, bigotry, racism and sexism will not be tolerated. (You are expected to use common sense and courtesy when you speak to other players you do not know.)

10) Plugin additions/exclusions will be determined by the Owner solely. Plugin suggestions are welcome but does not necessarily mean it will be added to the server.

11) Server builds and structure additions will be determined by the staff team and ultimately by the Owner. Suggestions are welcome!

12) If you are suspected of or are caught advertising another server whether it be in-game or on another social network (i.e. Skype, Discord, TeamSpeak) you will be removed from the server without warning. This is a forever ban!

13) Swear words should be kept to a minimum.

14) If you are caught X-raying, you will be warned once then removed from the server permanently without the chance to return.

15) Non-Minecraft launchers will not be tolerated. You MUST use the official Minecraft launcher to join this game. You WILL BE caught if you do not!

16) You are advised to go 500 or more blocks away from spawn before building and to ensure that your build is protected using a golden shovel.

17) PvP is permitted in non-protected areas and WILL NOT be tolerated at the server spawn point.

18) These rules are subject to change at the server Owners discretion at any time for any reason. More rules may be added when and if it is necessary. If you find this server is not a good match for you, you are advised to find a different server that better suits your game-play preferences.

We look forward to seeing you, as a new player, on Club Survival! So what are you waiting for! Join the club and get to survivin'!

With much appreciation,


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