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Game Types:
Wave Fighter

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Remember 24 hour mob arenas? Many don't.The 24 hour mob arena server format has been lost in the flood of Hub servers.
This is where MobArena247 comes in. We are devoted to the highest level of quality. We want to put the player first.

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MobArea247 want's to make sure that everyone has a good time. This means no pay to win, no favoritism, and everyone is on a level field.
We also don't like generic. MobArena247 is devoted to assuring our server is not just another server. Our server is made to be fun, and unique.
MobArena247 has a team of experienced staff. Issues like bugs, and lag are not present.
MobArena247 is a 18+ server, though we do allow people under 18 on it. This means that topics are not limited because "the kids might see".
In the arena, expect wave after wave of mobs without an end it sight. MobArena247 will put your skills to the test.
With tones of maps, and tones of classes, you will always have something fun and new to do.
Aswell we have our own discord, so you can stay social, or communicate to your team.
When it comes to GamePlay; MobArena247 is king, and we are constantly expanding the server, and looking for ideas.

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Our Staff are held to the highest level of quality. Staff abuse, or having staff step out of line, is something we take serious. Mobarea247 is devoted to the interests of everyone on the server. Constant review of staff, and occasional player polls issue that our staff maintain a professional, and reputable stance on the server. Staff abuse is not a joke, nor is hacking. Our staff have years of experience. They can pick up on hacker quickly, eliminating them, and keeping your experience amazing.

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MobArena247 is not some school project. We run on only the best hardware. Our team also has experts who know how to correctly manage and maintain a server, so that there are no stutters, or hickups.
Below is the server we run our server off;

Processor: Intel Xeon E5
Memory: DDR3 ECC 1600MHz
SSD: 512GB x 2 SSD
Network: 1 Gbit Uplink

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