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ArcherGames Deadline

So I've looked at the pie charts, crunched the numbers, fed our coders nothing but coffee and mountain dew, and we've come up with when we believe AG will be up and running!

The magical date is Wednesday, April 16th!

Have a great weekend!

- The EoE Team

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Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook is now public!

The community has access to this handbook so that they can see exactly how the staff should act and behave. You will also be able to see exactly what it takes to become a staff member.

Staff Handbook

Eye of Ender - Handbook

This handbook is a work in progress. If you see anything that needs added/clarified/changed let us know and we'll get to work!

- Bargraphics

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ArcherGames Update

Hey Community,

Your friendly neighborhood Bargraphics here with a status update on ArcherGames.

We have been working extremely hard trying to get this up and running as soon as possible, the good news is that we are really diving into the code now and getting bugs fixed. We have AG up on our test server and are fixing the Hub as well.

I believe we will be able to give everyone an estimated release date by the end of today. Start getting some PvP practice in!


- Brandon

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New Owners - Eye of Ender Network

Eye of Ender Community,

Bargraphics here and it’s with great excitement that I’m able to put this announcement out to everyone today. You may have heard some rumors that EoE has been sold, well today I can put this rumor to rest and let you know that it has been!


Let me introduce you to the new team taking over the reins.

- Brandon (Bargraphics)

  • I’ve been part of this server for over a year, actively participating on the forums and playing mostly the ArcherGames gametype
  • Attended Minecon 2011 (Las Vegas) and Minecon 2013 (Orlando)
  • Has successfully started and ran a survival server called DarkTide back in 2011

- Acro Media (Plugin Design, Web Design, and Bug Support)

  • An international web development and internet marketing firm founded in 1998
  • 30 staff including programmers, graphic artists and marketing experts
  • Support and develop using open source platforms

Our Goal:

With the new changing of hands, we plan to tap Eye of Ender’s true potential and make it Minecraft’s premiere mini-game server. To start things off we will be fixing the flagship Eye of Ender gametype “ArcherGames” as soon as possible so that the community can get back to doing what they do best, playing! We will then spend every waking minute improving upon the current gametypes and website, working on introducing new gametypes, and listening to the community for their suggestions and ideas.

Moving Forward:

I personally believe Enayet and Rafi did a great job making Eye of Ender what it is today given the resources that they had. Having a full time programming and web design team as a partner will allow us to minimize downtime and maximize expanding the Eye of Ender network. We will also have physical tech support team, customer support team, and personnel dedicated to going through user submitted content (Maps, Gametype Ideas, Improvements, and overall Suggestions). With this, we expect issues to be resolved quickly and the community to really shine by being given a voice that is really being heard!

Wrapping up:

I’m positive there will be questions and concerns with this whole process but let me help ease some of those by stating right now that all past purchases on the Eye of Ender network will be grandfathered in! You do not have to worry about if what you paid for in the past still exists as we will honor each and every purchase. We will also offer many contests and chances to earn premium kits/memberships. There will even likely be discounts or promotions for players that have remained active in the community through this transition.

Time to get started!

- Bargraphics & The Eye of Ender Team

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What's happening to Eye Of Ender now?


As most of you are aware there have been a lot of issues with the Eye Of Ender network recently with Avery trying his best to fix the servers and get them running for everyone to play on however there were just too many bugs and other issues making some of the game modes unplayable at points. The server has now been taken offline temporarily and I am back to work with Eye Of Ender and get these servers back online. For the past few months I have been away working on other projects and college work which has kept me very busy however watching all these problems arising with Eye Of Ender I think it's time for me to step back in again and straighten things up.

A lot of people are probably annoyed by now and quitting the server of which I do not blame them for. The server has gone out of control and is losing the stability it once had as our new developers come and go leaving projects half completed only for someone else to attempt to pick back up. Avery has been working for hours on end attempting to fix the servers however it seems his work is not adequate enough to get the servers back online with missing features, bugs and crashing servers. Avery then quit the server and with the information provided by other staff members this was for the best.


We are currently working on implementing a new database structure of which is going to help us to track ALL and yes I mean all transactions made in game by players and any other action taken in game. This will help us to cut down on the amount of abusive players we have that find bugs and try to take advantage of them. The new database has been designed to be a lot more efficient and hourly back ups to a remote machine will be made once this is all implemented.


ArcherGames will now be ditched and we will rework on the plugin from a backup of June 2013 ArcherGames. We will revamp the plugin with features I specifically ask for rather than whatever Avery believes would be best and I will still be taking suggestions from the community so if you have any ideas be sure to tell a Mod/Admin and they will pass it on.

- ArcherGames kits will not be weakened in any way or changed.
- ArcherGames may have money reset however any purchased money is reclaimable.
- ArcherGames money will be known as universal credits of which is going to be used all around the network.
- ArcherGames maps will be restored


SurvivalGames is second priority after ArcherGames and will be completely redone to duplicate the original SG from when we were partnered with BajanCanadian for all the players that enjoyed the server and do not like the changes made by TheNexus. All players will keep their muttation passes and their statuses however it may be re implemented as a server wide rank.


The Dodgeball plugin will have some minor tweaks made to it and we will get all the perks working once the other game modes are perfected.


We do not have a time period for how long it will take to correct all these game modes however I will be working every day with Rafi, Maxim and the other staff members to make sure the server is online as soon as possible without sacrificing stability of the plugins... unlike last time....

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