Server address: hub.eyeofender.com

Server downtime

Dear players!

As you may have noticed, we are currently encountering some downtime. We are currently working hard to get everything resolved as soon as possible.

I hope to have an update on this issue by tommorow but i cannot guarantee this. 

No data will be lost, kits&ranks purchased during the downtime will be available when the server is back online.

I will keep this post updated.

Kind regards,

C4D3R ~EyeOfEnder team

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Performance and stability upgrades

Hello everyone, AnomalousRei here.

I would like you inform you that a global server update has been applied, and surprisingly has boosted performance by up to 500% as an added surprise. This fixes what has been happening before where joins, kills, quits, and basically anything that relies on UUIDs, was breaking because of the server was getting HTTP error 429 (too many requests) when trying to request the player's UUID from mojang. We came to the conclusion that it takes 0.007 seconds to query this in MySQL, compares to a whole 5 seconds using mojang's API. So I'll keep it short, next time you're in-game try out a UUID dependant command like /stats or /pay and see how long it takes compares to the old system. If you have any other bugs or concerns, privately message me in-game or create a formatted thread in the bugs subforum :)

Have fun!

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We have released our new gamemode, SurvivalGames. We have tried our best to replicate how it was during TheFridge times and we are still going through fixing bugs and adding in new features to make it enjoyable as possible. Currently, we have 4 maps of which are fairly big and fun to play on. Throughout the course of the month, we will add in more maps so it doesn't get boring! Regarding the old maps from TheFridge, we are unsure if we will be able to get them back to the server for you guys to play on. We will try to get them back on but we can not hold any promises. If you find any bugs or if there are any cool features which you want us to add, make sure to leave a comment below. Be cautious that there may be one or two bugs left which still need fixing.


We have added voting back to the server of which rewards you 10 EnderPoints per vote. Voting is crucial to the community as this is the main type of advertising which will bring in players. To vote, all you have to do is go to the hub and type in the command "/vote". This will bring up a list of links of which you need to click and then follow the instructions on the website. Every now and then, we may add in a jackpot system on where you will have a chance on getting double or triple amount of EP per vote. This feature however, will be rare to get.

Current Gamemodes:

After SurvivalGames is finished and bug free, I believe our developer will either be working on fixing the current gamemodes and polishing them up or working on another gamemode. If there are any features on which you want added to the server or any gamemode then please make sure to comment below on which features you would like added. There is a few bugs on ArcherGames which will be fixed this week. 

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Ender Points!

In this thread, I'll show you how to purchase Ender Points (EP) and what to do with it.

  • First you'll need to go in game and type the command "/buy rank". This should display a message in game which looks like this: http://prntscr.com/3xmvhs
  • Next, see what rank you wish to purchase. For this example we'll pick Diamond which costs "35,000 EP"
  • After that, go to the website and click on "shop" at the top bar. This should redirect you to the shop page of the website. (http://prntscr.com/3xmz5x
  • For Diamond you can either purchase the "5,000" "11,000" and "23,000" EP or straight up "50,000 EP" For this example we'll purchase the "50,000". (http://prntscr.com/3xmz8x
  • Click on "buy" and it should redirect you to step 2 of the shop. Type in your username and read the Terms of Service. (http://prntscr.com/3xmzau (http://prntscr.com/3xmzd1
  • It should show a confirmation of your purchase. If everything is correct, proceed to purchasing the EP by either paying with Bitcoin or PayPal. For whichever one you want, click on the button! (http://prntscr.com/3xmzfy
  • If you want to pay by PayPal, click on it and this should redirect you to the PayPal page on which you need to log in with your PayPal and then pay. (http://prntscr.com/3xmzj7
  • After this is completed, wait a few minutes and you should receive the amount of Ender Points you have purchased, in game! 

That's the purchasing of it done, now to explain what to do with it.

  • To check if you have received the EP, go in game and type the command "/ep". This should display the amount of Ender Points you have. If you have the correct amount you purchased, that's fine. If this is not the case, please email me at shazz96@eyeofender.com (http://prntscr.com/3xmztj
  • Next you'll need to type "/buy rank " In the you'll need to specify what rank you wish to purchase. For example, "/buy rank diamond".  (http://prntscr.com/3xmzvq
  • After you have done that, this will display a confirmation message saying if you want to purchase the rank. If you want to, type the command and you will receive your rank! (http://prntscr.com/3xn00k

I hope this has helped anyone who was unsure on what to do with EP or how to purchase it. If you have any questions or querys, please comment below!


Diamond = God [LIFETIME]

Gold = Ridiculous [3 MONTHS]

Iron = Elite [1 MONTH]

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New update!

We've been working very hard over the past few weeks at EyeOfEnder. We have accomplished a lot of work and there is still lots more improvements to be made! I am going to cover a few topics so this may be a long announcement, get reading!

EyeOfEnder back up:

As you may or may not know, EyeOfEnder was down for the past couple of hours. This was due to the fact that Bukkit made new updates to their code. Because of this, Spigot (basically Bukkit but a different version) had to update their code too otherwise the server wouldn't work. We had to wait all day for them to do this and by the time the developer was online, the new update was released. Now the server is back up and running how it should be.


BuyManager is the plugin on our server which handles the new purchases of the ranks. The way it works now is that you purchase "Ender Points" which can be used on the website or in-game. From these EP (Ender Points) you'll need to then go in game and then purchase the rank. A tutorial on how it works is below:

"/buy" will show all the arguments you can write after it.

"/buy rank" will display all the ranks you can purchase and the amount they cost.

"/buy confirm" will confirm the transaction which you are about to purchase.

"/buy clear" will clear the pending transaction if you don't want to purchase it.

"/buy rank <rank>" will make you purchase the rank you have stated in the <X> brackets.

"/ep" will show you how many EnderPoints you have in your balance.


Since we don't plan on releasing any more gamemodes after SurivalGames for a while, we will push updates to our current gamemodes. A few updates which I told Rei to implement on ArcherGames was a scoreboard which shows the top 3 players with the most kills, an inventory (chest) GUI to make everything more easier and maybe some other cool features. If you have any suggestions, make sure to comment below!


We have got someone working hard on SurvivalGames which should hopefully be up and running by this week, if not by the start of next week. However, dates aren't always 100% so even next week may be delayed to a later date so we can add functions to the plugin and or fix bugs which may have occurred. But we will be releasing SurvivalGames so don't worry about that!


Dodgeball is the latest addition to the EyeOfEnder gamemodes. This was a re-model of our old dodgeball and now works like the real-life dodgeball which you play in sports! Some people say they don't like this, but most people say this is a fast-paced game which they enjoy. We will also be adding some cool features into this such as some more power-ups, better maps, scoreboard, etc.


This has been a major query amongst the AG community. We, as a staff, have decided that adding stats back in would make AG a more competitive environment which makes AG more fun. So in conclusion, we will be adding stats back in the VERY near future to AG so you can rack up your kills! Stats will also be added to dodgeball so you can see how many people you've hit, caught back in, got caught out, etc. There may also be a Hall-Of-Fame area where you can see player heads with the most stats, this hasn't been finalised at the moment.


The Hub has had a little re-model by our beloved Keith1411 who I must say is an excellent builder! He's added some cool textures to the hub and made the icons look better. As well as this, the hub will have some features added into it such as disguising as mobs, turning players off, inventory (chest) GUI, pets and maybe even a wardrobe system!


Regarding maps, we are working hard on getting some maps together for our current gamemodes and even building some. For ArcherGames, we aim to release a new map or 2 every month for it. For Dodgeball, we know it's plain with 1 map so we will be adding in more maps to play on very soon! SurvivalGames is the one which needs the biggest and best maps for the detail and size. We are also trying to get some maps for that and MAYBE even some of the old Fridge maps. Keith1411 is working on a top-secret map for a gamemode which I may show some sneak-peaks on Twitter so make sure you're following us: @EyeOfEnderLTD

Zombie Blitzkreig:

This is a potential future gamemode which Rei will be working on in his spare time. We don't know how it'll work, yet, but it will consist of zombies and that's all we're certain on for the time being. We'll give a more detailed description of it closer to the release date.

Community interactions:

We are trying to interact with the community more so we try our hardest to communicate with you guys and do as much with you as possible. Over the next few weeks, you should see some more giveaways happening on Twitter (@EyeOfEnderLTD), livetreams and maybe even some ArcherGames tournaments.


Last not but least, our developer: AnomalousRei

Everyone please make sure you give our developer a BIG "thank you" if you see him in game or even on the forums. We have been working closely together everyday to make sure EyeOfEnder is the best it can possibly be. He has been working everyday, non-stop, for the past few weeks getting the new gamemodes up, fixing the server and just making it a much better experience than it was before so thank you - Rei!

That is all for today, that was a very long update! I hope you found this informative and beneficial to you.


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